Shoyu Ramen at Yaguchiya – 醤油ラーメン

Today we want to talk a bit about Shoyu Ramen. Shoyu is Japanese for “soy sauce”. Shoyu is probably the most famous flavor of ramen and almost every ramen shop serves this flavor. But what makes the Shoyu ramen at Yaguchiya Ramen, different from everyone else?


As we’ve mentioned before, Yaguchiya Ramen serves Iekei style ramen which has originated from Yokohama Japan. “Shoyu” is the classic flavor of this particular style of ramen. Which means our signature ramen on our menu is our Shoyu!
Our Shoyu ramen is made up of our Iekei soup base, which is a mix of chicken and pork added with some delicious chicken oil. Next we blend this soup base with Shoyu which is made in house from our very own recipe! The ramen is the topped with the classic toppings of Iekei style, which is spinach, seaweed and chashu.
We also offer a “Special” version of the Shoyu, which is all the normal toppings with more seaweed, more chashu, shredded leek and our seasoned egg!

Yaguchiya Ramen

Where: 4679 Kingsway, Burnaby
Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11:30 am – 3:30 pm | 5 – 9:30 pm
Contact: (604) 620-4679


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