Yaguchiya Special Ramen – 矢口家スペシャルラーメン

Have you tried the most popular choice on our menu? The #1 choice on our menu is the Yaguchiya Special Ramen! This signature ramen is a Shoyu based ramen that we’ve been proudly serving for over 24 years!

So far on our blog, we’ve talked about some of the main flavors of ramen and how we serve them at Yaguchiya Ramen. These flavors being Shoyu, Shio, Miso and Spicy.  Shoyu is the most famous flavor of ramen out of all of them and the one we recommend the most! It’s classic flavor is a must try and we want to offer the most authentic Iekei style Shoyu for the best value.

The Yaguchiya Special ramen is our Shoyu deluxe. It has all the original toppings of our Shoyu ramen plus more. It has spinach, leek, 5 pieces of seaweed, 3 slices of chashu, and our seasoned egg.  Come and enjoy this signature ramen on your next visit!


Yaguchiya Ramen

Where: 4679 Kingsway, Burnaby
Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11:30 am – 3:30 pm | 5 – 9:30 pm
Contact: (604) 620-4679

Web: http://yaguchiya-ramen.com

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