Yaguchiya Bun – 矢口家角煮まん

Today we will talk about one of our very popular side dishes. Yaguchiya Ramen has many side dishes to choose from but one of our customer favorites is our Yaguchiya Bun! 

Our Yaguchiya Bun is a pretty simple side dish but tastes delicious. It’s made up with a Chinese style steamed bun or Bao bun with our Kakuni and the sauce used to make the Kakuni on top of a piece of lettuce. 

Part of why this bun is so delicious is because of our 角煮 (Kanji for Kakuni). Kakuni is Japanese for “square simmered”. Kakuni is a type of braised pork. It is a very popular dish from Kyushu, Japan. Though it most likely originated from China, it’s considered a Japanese Chinese cuisine.

Our Kakuni is simmered inside a secret soy sauce recipe. It’s tender and has a hint of sweetness. We pour a table spoon of the sauce onto the steamed bun for more flavor. Throw this inside of our steamed buns and you got a delicious Yaguchiya Bun which is actually only served in our Canadian location for $3.95!!

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