Yaguchiya soup base – 矢口家スープ

So far in our blog, we have talked about the different types of ramen flavors and how we serve them at Yaguchiya Ramen. Today we will talk about the soup base, which is what makes our ramen “Iekei” style ramen. We may have mentioned before what Iekei style ramen is but if you are reading about this for the first time, heres a quick recap.

Japanese Ramen has many different variations from different regions of Japan. Iekei ramen originates from Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. It was first made around the year 1974. While Iekei style ramen uses certain noodles and toppings, we will just talk about the soup base.

Iekei style ramen is the perfect balance of the popular Tonkotsu style from Kyushu in the West, and the Shoyu style from Tokyo in the East. The soup base is primarily made up of pork bones and chicken bones boiled over a long period of time. When it is ready to serve, you get a light and flavorful soup. This base is traditional mixed with shoyu, but we offer this soup base in shio, miso and spicy ramen as well. We are constantly cooking this soup all day, so you can always expect to be served a steaming hot bowl of ramen!!

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