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Welcome to Yaguchiya-Ramen’s blog! Here we will write about our Ramen and other fun facts relating to Ramen! But first, an introduction of what Yaguchiya Ramen is and where we come from.


Yaguchiya Ramen is named after Yaguchi-San, who has been a ramen master since 1994. He always dreamt of opening a ramen shop somewhere in North America and succeeded in opening his first Canadian location in B.C. Burnaby just last year in May!


Yaguchiya Ramen is a iekei style of ramen that originated from Yokohama, Japan in 1994. In the year 1997, the second restaurant opened in Hiratsuka City. Yaguchiya Ramen has welcomed and served it’s customers for over 24 years.



Iekei ramen is the signature ramen from Yokohama which first appeared in 1974 in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Iekei means “house-type” from the kanji “家”. Iekei ramen is the perfect balance of the popular Tonkatsu Style from Kyushu in the West, and Shoyu Style from Tokyo in the East. This type of ramen typically is made up of pork and chicken in the soup base mixed in with shoyu, topped with chashu pork slices, spinach and roasted seaweed. However, there are many variations that can be made with this style of ramen including traditional Miso, Shio and Spicy Ramen.



Our goal is to deliver this amazing great taste of Yokohama style ramen and bring authenticity to our Canadian customers! Stay tuned as we will have more Ramen posts coming soon!



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